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No other consulting and engineering firm better combines technology and practice leadership with client service and project delivery excellence to provide services and solutions that are highly valued by its clients.


We are a local Bahamas consulting and engineering business with the leading technical resources to service our clients’ environmental engineering, remediation, coastal resilience, and geotechnical problems.

  • Soil & Groundwater Assessment & Remediation
    • Groundwater, Soil, and Oil Sampling & Monitoring
    • Oil Remediation & Barrier Systems
  • Geotechnical Studies & Engineering
  • Coastal Resiliency
    • Flood & Storm Resilience Studies
    • Coastal Engineering Design Services
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment and Design
  • Environmental Management System Development
  • Environmental Assessment & Compliance
  • Air Discharge Modeling & Permitting
  • Health & Safety Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Mold Assessment & Remediation
  • Landfill Design & Remediation
  • Construction Management

Bahamas Project Examples

Oil Remediation - Site Assessment and Remediation Services

Geosyntec has provided site assessment and remediation support for various projects in the Bahamas. This included high-profile projects where Geosyntec guided many stakeholders on important site assessment and remediation design aspects to develop plans to rapidly remediate sites. Projects included remediating a 12-acre diesel oil plume, aggressively recovering free-phase oil to site-specific standards in less than two years of operation. The system uses various remediation technologies to address diesel oil impacts, where up to five feet of oil were present in site monitoring wells.

Coastal Oil Spill Recovery and Water Separation Design

Geosyntec supported the design and installation of a bulkhead oil barrier wall and oil recovery system along a 1,600’ long section of the ocean. Geosyntec is also designing oil retention and oil and water separation equipment on three cooling tower discharges, each discharging up to 14,000 gpm. The 1,600’ sheet-pile barrier wall system and oil recovery sump system include many innovative features, including multiple barriers to prevent oil migration to the ocean, unique oil recovery trench and sump systems, and the ability to deploy a variety of pneumatic and electrical pumps for oil and groundwater recovery.

Power Remediation System Design and Installation

Geosyntec is providing remediation system design, construction oversight, and installation services at a power plant. Geosyntec designed an oil and groundwater recovery system for the site, to recover diesel oil and bunker-C oil in the subsurface form karst geology, where oil has accumulated in large voids and fractures. Geosyntec is also evaluating oil re-use options as we plan for high-volumes of oil recovery and storage.

Environmental Management System Development

Geosyntec is supporting a company’s environmental management program and the development of an information management system for their environmental compliance leadership. The work includes both asset integrity management and data management components.

Storm & Sea Level Rise Studies and Coastal Resiliency & Adaptation Design

Geosyntec is supporting projects across the world, including the Caribbean, to evaluate the impacts from sea level rise and storms, and to prioritize and design coastal adaptation and resiliency projects. We are helping government agencies and private companies evaluate their storm and sea level rise risks, prioritize their capital improvements, and re-think designs to minimize future risks.


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Geosyntec (Bahamas) Ltd. is part of the Geosyntec family of companies, a premier international consulting and engineering firm. Founded in 1983, Geosyntec combines the expertise and experience of over 1,200 scientists and engineers to address complex environmental and infrastructure problems all over the world.

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